AIRBAKING – Banneton Sourdough Bread Proofing Basket with Accessories, Baking Equipment kit uk, Proving Stone, Craft Rattan Basket, Thermomix Starter, Adults Bakeware Kombucha, Bread Baking Kits Potty


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  • PERFECT SIZE FOR PERFECT SOURDOUGH – Diameter 10″(25cm) height 3.5″(8.75cm). Natural Rattan Basket Oval shape with accessories. Allows for 1.5lbs(0.6kg) of dough for a medium or large size loaf. Perfect for baking gifts.
  • EQUIPPED: – Bread scraper – Wooden Bread lame ( with replacements ) – Wooden Brush – Linen bag – Oven liner cloth – Instructions paper and receipts. A complete sourdough starter kit.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL SMELL SAFE FIRM WASHABLE AND DURABLE – We make sure your proving basket is efficient and will last for long. Each product has been inspected and tested for your safety. Our Banetton baskets are handmade and hand-crafted and food safe.
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Our proving baskets include instructions on how to wash your banneton basket and two delicious receipts for getting started. Instructions to help ensure first time success in sourdough bread baking. Full bread making equipment.
  • MEAL MAKER – Bread pizza Farmer’s bread Rye bread Swedish Limpa Rye bread Multigran bread Whole wheat bread and much more. Use your round trays as pasta making kit or dough whisk.