18 Gauge 1mm Aluminum Craft Wire, 98 Feet Metal Wire Flexible Bendable Crafting Wire for Jewelry Making, DIY Crafts, Sculpting, Skeleton Crafting, Wire Weaving and Wrapping (Silver)


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  • 💛【Package Content】 1 roll 18 Gauge 1mm Aluminum Craft Wire It’s a continuous strand and can be cut any length as you desire and used in various occasions.
  • 💚【Premium Quality】 The aluminum craft wire is made of malleable and durable aluminum which is glossy durable and not easy to lose color suitable for arts crafts projects and jewelry making.
  • 💙【Flexible and Bendable】 The crafting wire can be folded for many times due to its characteristics of flexibility and difficult breaking off thus helping you easily make various shapes you want.
  • 💜【Malleable and Strong】 1mm (18 gauge) in diameter the metal sculpting wire is stiff enough to hold the shape but soft enough to easily bend and shape. Great for making decorative jewelry pieces.
  • 💗【Multipurpose】 You can use them for DIY art crafts making projects making mockup frames jewellery and embellishments making animation work sculpture projects wrapping florist arranging sculpturing wire weaving gardening or wrapping etc.